Thursday, November 6, 2014

An MTA Bus Driver Pulled Over His Bus To Stab A Man That Had Sex With His Wife

Another day, another rage-filled act of revenge 

Ephraim Henry, 30, is an MTA bus driver that had a serious level of anger concerning his wife’s extra-marital relations, and he finally snapped. As he wheeled a Q52 MTA bus into its respective Queens depot following the end of his route, he came across a man that he knew for a fact had sex with his wife. The man Henry spotted was 45-year old Oscar Williams, who was driving his Honda near Beach Channel Drive in Queens, and reports indicate that both drivers simultaneously slammed the brakes, got out of their vehicles, and began arguing. 

What happened next is something Williams more than likely didn’t see coming, or he would’ve never disembarked, and steered his Honda clear of Mr. Henry, who was evidently determined to get revenge. As the two argued, Henry pulled out a knife and stabbed Williams in the forearm, forcing him to flee the scene and seek out authorities, who subsequently took Henry into custody.

Williams was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he’s been listed as stable. Henry is currently awaiting arraignment on assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges.

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