Thursday, November 6, 2014

Beyoncé And Jay Z Conversing Courtside At A Brooklyn Nets Game But Why Is She Swaying Back And Forth?

So, about this video…

Quite strange! While kicking it courtside with her husband at a Brooklyn Nets game on Monday, Beyonce can be seen talking to Jay Z on and off, and when she isn’t, she spends her time rocking from side to side. 

It’s hard to tell if she was doing this rocking to your usual basketball arena noises (i.e., “DEFENSE! DEFENSE!”), if there was a tune in her head she couldn’t get out, or if, like me, she’s just one of those people who rocks when they’re deep in thought. I didn’t think much about the video after watching it one good time.

But according to other publications and people commenting, what I allegedly missed is that she is losing her mind, and the video is proof of that. 

The pressure of being perfect in the critical public eye had gotten the best of her.

Or better yet, she was drunk. No! She’s so dazed and confused because she’s high! Weed, “rohypnol IV drip,” you name it…

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and call such theories a major reach.


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