Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Britney Spears' New Boyfriend Charlie Ebersol Had To Sign 'A Confidentiality Agreement' Before Their First Date

Nothing says romance quite like a confidentiality agreement - unless you are Britney Spears.

TMZ reports that the 32-year-old kicked off her relationship with new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol with a legally binding contract known as a nondisclosure agreement.

While many bring flowers to a first date, in the singer's world a signed NDA is much more appreciated.

According to the website, like everyone in the Toxic star's life, the 31-year-old producer needed to agree to never reveal details about their relationship 'before he even laid eyes on her'.

Sources told TMZ that Britney and Charlie met through mutual friends but her father Jamie - who remains her conservator - insisted Charlie sign a NDA prior to their first date - a lunch.

If he violates the agreement and speaks publicly without Britney's, or her father's, consent he faces 'severe penalties'.

TMZ reports: 'We're told it wasn't awkward at all. Charlie knew the NDA was SOP for anyone who enters Britney's world.'

The television producer - whose father is SNL co-creator Dick Ebersol and mother is actress Susan St. James - 'is taking the NDA seriously and is saying nothing about his relationship'.

According to the site, the new romance is not 'serious yet' but Charlie is well liked by those in Britney's inner circle.

Britney certainly seems to be smitten already posting a number of shots of her new beau on her Instagram.

On Saturday the star posted their first selfie with a little love heart.

Charlie then shared the same photo, and described the cosy selfie as '#happiness'.

Britney then followed up with another shot, which looked to be in Las Vegas, saying 'This guy...'.

Britney has not been single for long, calling it quits with long-time boyfriend Dave Lucado in August.

Recently Britney was asked about relationship rumours by special correspondent Pauly D, formerly of Jersey Shore, while on Extra, revealing: 'It's very new'.

She made the revelation as she received the key to the Las Vegas Strip at a ceremony celebrating her getting November 5 named Britney Day in Sin City.

The star's new man has previously been linked to tennis player Maria Sharapova and Sophia Bush.

He is best known for his TV series The Moment, which gave people a second chance to fulfil their dreams, which included becoming a race car driver and a chef at the White House.

The program was developed following a devastating plane crash in 2004.

The private carter plane crashed during take off killing his younger brother Teddy as well as the pilot and flight attendant.

Charlie and his father were severely injured.


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