Sunday, November 2, 2014

Drunk Gets Stuck On Floe After Trying To Walk Across Frozen River On The Way Home From Russian Bar

  • Cyril Aksyonov climbed on to ice floe in Ob River in western Siberia, Russia
  • He had earlier been given a lift from his home to the other side of the river
  • But after his night out he chose not to walk 10 miles to the nearest bridge
  • Instead he jumped on to floe to get to the other side in freezing conditions
  • Residents soon raised the alarm after the ice started moving downstream
  • Rescuers were called in and 38-year-old was eventually airlifted to safety

A drunk had to be rescued by Russian emergency services after he clambered onto an ice floe to cross a river after a night out - and it floated away with him.

Cyril Aksyonov had earlier managed to get a lift to his local bar on the other side of the Ob River in the Parabeliskii region of western Siberia in Russia.

But when the 38-year-old wanted to go home he found the car had already left, and he faced a 10 mile walk in freezing weather to the nearest bridge.

Rather than walking along the shore, he jumped onto a huge piece of ice on the river hoping to get across.

But he was unable to control the ice floe and was swept along what is the world's seventh longest river before being spotted by residents who raised the alarm.

Emergency crews raced against time as the ice crashed against other chunks in the river, threatening to throw Aksyonov into the freezing water.

Rescue worker Irakli Golubov said: 'It was not possible to use a vessel because it could have been sunk by the huge chunks of ice that were crashing around, so we had to get a helicopter in to rescue him.

'It was extremely foolish and dangerous not just for the man but for rescuers as well.'

Aksyonov was eventually airlifted to safety and returned to his home where he lives with his mother.

He was unhurt in the incident but faces a fine, although no criminal charges are 


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