Monday, November 10, 2014

EastEnders Star's Sleazy Video Shock: Lorna Fitzgerald Stunned By Boyfriend's Secret Career As PORN Actor

Sports therapist Keo Reid, 25, who has been dating the Abi Branning actress for six months, has made more than 20 sleazy X-rated online fetish films.

EastEnders star Lorna Fitzgerald’s new boyfriend is a £350-a-movie porn actor, the Sunday Mirror can reveal. 

 Sports therapist Keo Reid, 25, who has been dating Lorna for six months, has made more than 20 sleazy X-rated online fetish films under a fake name showing him naked. 

A friend said the hunk allowed himself to be filmed naked, spanked and beaten by other men for “a bit of fun” and “good money”.

Former builder Keo, 25 – who is seen on screen being flayed by objects including a belt, a cane and a brush in more than 20 shocking videos – has kept his sleazy £350-a-movie career quiet.

The friend said: “He will be devastated if she dumps him over this. He knows it’s not good for her.” 

And tonight a source close to 18-year-old Lorna, who has played Abi Branning for eight years, admitted she was “really embarrassed” about the revelations. 

“She’s such a sweet girl and she’ll hate her family and everyone else finding out about this,” said the source. “It’ll come as a real shock to them.

I feel so sorry for her.” Keo and Lorna have been dating for the past six months.

 The fresh-faced blonde has become a firm favourite with EastEnders fans. Her career has been going from strength to strength and she is now one of TV’s biggest rising stars.

Last month she was crowned Best British Actor at Radio 1’s Teen Awards. Keo, who now works as a sports therapist, has proudly posted a number of snaps of the two of them together publicly on Facebook since they began dating.

He is believed to have also met other members of the BBC1 show’s cast. But the one-time removals man has been keeping his own screen career under wraps.

His explicit fetish flicks are on a public porn website which charges members £220 a year to watch the videos in full.

Shorter censored trailers – including Keo who appears under a fake name – also appear on YouTube. His most recent movie lasts 29 minutes and was put online on October 16. 

The scenes are all understood to have been filmed at a flat in south London. Keo is seen being spanked by hand and lashed with various objects as punishment for various fictional misdeeds. 

His first video, which saw him taking a shower before being spanked by a mystery man, was uploaded on December 17, 2012.

Keo’s pal, who is also involved in the website, said: “I’ve just spoken to him and he’s not happy that people will find out. 

Keo just did these films as a bit of fun for good money. There’s nothing on there that’s illegal. 

“Although it features men, it’s not a gay thing. It’s a fetish website rather than a gay website. Everything is consensual and above board.

“The theme of the movies aren’t sexual and Keo is completely straight. It’s not about men interacting in a sexual way.

It’s a punishment or humiliation website. “You get paid different amounts for different things depending on what you do.

“If you can earn £300 or £350 for a few hours work, it’s a lot better than moving bricks around a building site all week. It’s good money.

“He could have had a job as a plumber or he could have a job getting his a*** spanked. It’s as simple as that. “Keo just wants a quiet life with Lorna now.

She’s a really nice girl.” Lorna, who grew up in Hunsbury, Northants, has played Abi in Albert Square since the age of 10. In 2012 the pretty actress won the Best Young Performance gong at the British Soap Awards.

She has said her dream is to win an Oscar. Before winning her role on EastEnders, Lorna had parts in Casualty, Tracy Beaker and The Golden Hour. 

She also appeared in adverts for Nescafé and ChildLine, Her character Abi has been involved in a number of high-profile storylines in the soap.

She discovered Trina’s dead body in Charlie’s summer-house and was revealed to be the stalker of her own sister Lauren.

Abi has also has been knocked down by a car and watched her parents’ marriage breakdown.

Lorna said in an interview: “My favourite thing about playing Abi is I just get to be really cringey. I like doing that because I’m quite cringey in real life anyway.”

Keo, of south London, has a chequered past, according to his own online profile. It says he was expelled from school and sent to a pupil referral unit after teachers ruled they could no longer control him in mainstream education.

He was later allowed back to the school to complete his education after successfully turning his life around.

When he left school after GCSEs he worked for a removals firm before being employed in a number of different labouring jobs.

After receiving a massage for a back injury at work, he was inspired to start work as a successful sports therapist. Keo’s pal added: “He has been on such a journey in his life and has really turned things round.

He’s really happy with Lorna. Keo has really fallen for her and he’s upset and so sorry to have embarrassed her like this.

“He expects some stick but hopefully they’ll be able to get over this and he’ll be able to make it up to Lorna. They’re a great couple.”

The source close to Lorna said: “I don’t know what the consequences will be. She likes Keo a lot. They’re happy together.”

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