Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jealous Wife Fined £6,000 After Tracking Down Topless Model and Threatening To Kill Her Because Her Husband Was Always Ogling Her Photos In Swiss Newspaper

  • The 51-year-old, from St Gallen, grew jealous that husband was ogling 'Jil'
  • She was angry he rushed to buy tabloid Blick each day to look at nude girls
  • But when she found out he voted for her as paper's girl of 2012, fury grew
  • She wrote to Jil: 'Jil, do you know that you are a dirty little whore'
  • She also wrote to Blick's editor demanding he sack all the topless girls
  • 'Otherwise you're going to find them with their throats cut,' she wrote
  • She pleaded guilty to making threats, forging documents and 'causing a crash while drink riving on a mountain bike'

A jealous wife who tracked down and threatened to kill a topless model after growing tired of her husband ogling the 20-year-old in a newspaper has been fined £6,000.

The unnamed 51-year-old, from St Gallen in Switzerland, launched a vicious campaign of hate against the model, identified only as 'Jil', who regularly appears semi-nude in popular tabloid Blick.

A court heard how the woman became fed up with seeing her husband rush out and buy the paper to look at bare-breasted girls each morning.

But her ire exploded when she found out he was among those who voted mother-of-one Jil in as Blick's Girl of the Year in 2012.

A court heard how, at first, she focused her anger on the newspaper's editor, sending him increasingly vile hate-mail demanding Jil, among other models, be dropped.

'I don't want to see any more naked breasts in the paper,' she wrote. 'Otherwise you're going to find them with their throats cut on a rubbish dump somewhere.'

She also wrote to various journalists on the newspaper as well as the publishing house itself expressing similar sentiments.

But she reserved her most hate-filled vitriol for Jil.

Shortly after Jil was voted girl of the year, the woman wrote to her, saying: 'Jil, do you know that you are a dirty little whore.'

She soon wrote another: 'Just on the off chance that you decide to turn up topless in Blick again, we are going to kill you. We know who you are and what your daily routine is.'

She even claimed she had hired a hitman to kill Jil.

She also turned her attention on Swiss marketing firm XL-Media AG, which had advertised alongside the sex-shop chain Libosan in the daily Swiss newspaper.

She told them to pull the adverts or face a 'bloodbath' in one of their branches.

XL Company boss Thomas Scheurer said: 'One gets used to a bit of criticism but this letter was so hostile it was almost embarrassing.'

It was only after an intensive police investigation and two years of hate mail that the woman was finally arrested and her motive revealed - jealousy at the fact her husband was looking at the partially-naked women in the newspaper.

She pleaded guilty to charges of making threats, insults and falsifying documents as well as causing an accident with a car while drink driving on a mountain bike.

She was ordered to pay a £6,000 fine or serve 120 days in prison.
She can still appeal the verdict.

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