Monday, November 10, 2014

Kim Jong Un's Best Friend Takes Credit For Release Of American Detainees

Dennis Rodman says you're welcome, America.

It wasn't immediately clear why North Korea released two American citizens—Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller—sometime this weekend after months in captivity. Now we know—according to Dennis Rodman, it was Dennis Rodman.

The former basketball player, now known for his role in the North Korean regime as Kim Jong Un's official birthday planner, told TMZ he wrote his buddy a powerful letter in January that all but ensured Bae's release.

In the letter, Rodman gently explained that he wouldn't be able to hang out with the dictator again until the American prisoners were sent home.

"I write to you saddened because as you know my trips to the DPRK have provided a lot of problems for me and for my career," Mr. Rodman wrote in the letter, provided to TMZ. "I would like to come back to the DPRK as soon as possible to discuss the possible release of the American citizen, Kenneth Bae."

"It will be almost impossible for me to come if my country doesn't see how compassionate DPRK is," he added.

Rodman wasn't always so charitable about Bae, however—in January he had a bizarre meltdown on CNN, yelling about "what [Bae] did," and repeatedly declaring his love for Kim Jong Un.


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