Sunday, November 23, 2014

Magician Surprises Vet with Car, Furniture, One Year of Rent

Remember the magician who made headlines when he ripped up a homeless veteran’s sign and turned it into money? Well he’s back at his old tricks.

Last month, Rob Anderson ripped up homeless veteran Alan McKracken’s sign, restored it, and produced wads of money. But Anderson didn’t stop there; he began fundraising money online, raising more than $40,000 for McKracken.

McKracken only accepted a portion of the funds so that he could move to California to look for work, where Anderson said he’s now living happily. Now, Anderson has surprised Gulf War veteran Johnny Hicks, who has been struggling to support his wife and four children after losing his government job. Hicks had to take time off from work to get surgery for a disability that he sustained while serving.

In Anderson’s latest video, he surprises Hicks with a new car, appliances, and a year’s worth of rent. “I want to be able to good things for people, I’m just struggling right now,” Hicks told Anderson in the video. Grab the tissues and watch the heartwarming video above.


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