Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Man Took His Own Life After Fashion Sense 'Banter' From Friend On Night Out

Greg Moss was mocked about his "ridiculous" wardrobe after buying new clothes - a friend joked they were stopping him getting a lover.

A single man killed himself after 'banter' from a friend over his fashion sense - which she joked was stopping him getting a lover.

Snappy dresser Greg Moss, 29, was mocked about his "ridiculous" wardrobe after buying new clothes.

Friend Hayley Treharne joked that he was a bachelor because of his taste in fashion while on a night out in Cardiff Bay.

An inquest heard she meant it as "banter", but another friend said he felt popular Greg was hurt by the remarks.

The insurance worker went home at the end of the night and hanged himself in the garden at his home.

Friend Dan Sargent was out drinking with Greg on the night when he died.
He told the inquest: "Hayley was making some personal comments about Greg and his fashion sense.

"She told him he looked ridiculous and asked if he thought that maybe why he was only single person amongst us.

"Greg seemed to take it in his stride and acted as though it was just banter but knowing Greg as I do he must have been hurt."

Greg, who was described as being "natural with women," had just started a new relationship with Rachel Llewellyn, 22.

The inquest heard how the romance was "doing his head in" because it wasn't moving as quickly as he would have liked.

Shortly before his death Greg made a final phone call to Rachel's best friend Jenna Moreton, a colleague who had introduced the pair.

She told the inquest: "He liked Rachel and they went out for a few dates.
"At first they here texting regularly but later the texts stopped being so regular and he was quite upset about this."

During the phone call Greg asked: "What am I going to do about Rachel?"
Jenna said: "I told him not to worry as even if it doesn't work out he would find someone new as he was an amazing person.

"He thanked me and said I was an amazing person too and then he hung up the phone."

Friend Chris Bancroft dropped him at his home shortly before he killed himself.
He said: "He was a happy guy and never seemed to get really down apart from when he split from relationships with females.

"He liked the idea of settling down and knew he was getting older."
The insurance worker also had £17,000 debt after putting everything on his credit card while at university in Bristol.

But the court heard that Greg wasn't "overly concerned" about his debt.
He had never missed a repayment and his family had offered to help him pay the money back but he declined their offer.

Cardiff Coroner Thomas Atherton said the reasons why Greg killed himself remained a mystery.

He said: "There's virtually no evidence as to why Greg did what he did.

"Greg was capable of handling his debt and had been doing so for a while.

"Even the relationship breakdown is very difficult to put into context as a motivating factor.

"But I'm not prepared to say that it is what led him to take such drastic action.

"Unfortunately there remains an unknown element in this case, maybe there's no real factor that can be found.

"I'm satisfied that Greg took his life albeit it I cannot be sure why."

"Greg was upset the night before he died and it may have been as a result of the alcohol."

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