Sunday, November 23, 2014

Struggling Single Mom Of Three And Housekeeper Given Home She Thought She Was Being Hired To Clean

Okay, so I just made that up, but still, I’ve got a video for you that I’m sure will make you feel very good on today.

So there’s a webseries called “Prank It FWD,” and the show does positive ‘pranks’ on people who deserve good things for all the great things they do for other people. In the following clip, a woman named Cara Simmons from Cleveland, Ohio is profiled. The mother of three works as a maid to make ends meet and has struggled recently with health and financial issues. So those in her life wanted to do something nice for her because she deserves it. What they weren’t expecting though, was for the “Prank It FWD” team to give her a brand new home.

As the video starts, Simmons goes to a gorgeous new home that she’s supposed to clean and prepare for a big party. But when she gets there, the ‘owner’ tells her that the home has already been cleaned. So instead of doing housekeeping, Simmons is asked to taste test food for the ‘party,’ and not just any food, but some very pricey gourmet meals: South African Tristan lobster meat, Japanese Kobe beef, quail egg, butternut squash ravioli, edible gold vinaigrette, ribeye steak and more. She’s also asked to let two (handsome) masseurs ‘practice’ for the party by giving her the best massage ever! Then she’s asked to ‘get rid of’ some designer clothes that just so happen to be in her size.

Last but not least, she finds out that the gorgeous home is for her. And oh yeah, a lavish trip is involved.

You might feel a tear fall down at some point watching this video. It’s okay though. Don’t fight it…

Check out the video of Simmons’ life-changing surprise below:


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