Saturday, November 8, 2014

Terminally Ill Mother Of Three, 33, In Desperate Need Of A Heart Transplant Loses Her Husband In Car Wreck And Donates His Organs To Save Others

  • Kina Webb-Owens, 33, a mother of three from Indiana, suffers from heart disease and is on transplant wait list
  • Her husband, Adrian Owens, 34, was killed in October in head-on crash
  • His heart was not a good match for his wife, but it gave an Indiana man a new lease of life

When Kina Webb-Owens, 33, was diagnosed with terminal heart disease, she found solace in knowing that her husband, Adrian, would be there to raise their three children.

But on October 29, Adrian Webb, 34, was killed in a head-on collision en route to his second job in Indianapolis.

If Mrs Webb-Owens succumbs to her illness, which could happen at any moment, her children, 16-year-old Kenya, 6-year-old Adrianna and 2-year-old Kyle, will become orphans.

'[Doctors] didn't give me long to live, but I am still here. Grace of God,' the deeply devout widow told the station WTHR.

Kina's only hope now is to undergo a heart transplant, but so far doctors have not been able to find a match for her.

When Adrian Owens was tragically killed in the crash on Fall Creek Road, his heart was not damaged in the collision, giving his family a small glimmer of hope that he might be a match for Kina.

But medics quickly determined that they will not be able to transplant his heart into her body. Still, Kina was determined to give the gift of life to others by donating her husband's organs.

His heart, which sadly was of no use to his terminally ill young wife, went to a man in Indiana.

‘Take good care of it. You are getting an awesome heart. It's a hard-working heart,’ Kina said.

Another Indiana patient received Adrian’s lungs and a kidney, and a Florida teenager got Adrian's other kidney.

Kina Webb, a beauty salon owner, and Adrian, a construction worker, had been together for a decade. In September 2010, the couple got married, with their two oldest children on hand to celebrate their union.

On Friday, Kina, her three children and their loved ones came together to bid a final farewell to Adrian.

Kina's family and friends have set up a GoFundMe fundraising website to help with her husband’s final expenses, his wife's medical costs and care for the couple's three children.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

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