Monday, December 1, 2014

Amber Rose Mimics Kim Kardashian AGAIN As She Shares A Snap Of Herself Wearing A Waist Shaper

Perhaps Amber Rose believes Kanye West is the one that got away.

On Sunday, the 31-year-old entertainer tried to prove, yet again, that anything the rapper's wife Kim Kardashian can do - she can indeed do better.

The model shared a snap of herself on Instagram clad in a funky waist trimmer, that is also popular with the Kardashians, and pulled Amber's waist in by a number of inches.

The star captioned the picture: 'Thanksgiving is over its time to get back poppin [sic] in my waist shaper by @premadonna87 #WaistGang (kissy face).'

In the image, she's also donning a skintight long-sleeved black top and matching leggings and hid her eyes behind a pair of flashy plastic white sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Kim is well-known for using a waist shaper herself, previously posting a similar snap on social media with the hashtags 'hourglass,' 'waist training,' 'no photoshopnecessary,' and ''

The practice, also known as 'tightlacing,' involves women wearing increasingly restrictive clothes with the aim of whittling down their waistlines.

This is not the first time Amber has tried to outdo the Keeping Up With The Kardashians personality.

Last month, the mother-of-one mimicked the reality TV star's infamous belfie while donning a revealing dollar bill-printed thong swimsuit.

There is no love lost between the pair, with Amber previously called Kim a homewrecker, accusing Kim of sending pictures of herself to Kanye back when she was still with the rapper.

Amber and Kanye dated from 2008 to 2010. Shortly after their breakup, he started dating Kim, the mother of his one-year-old daughter North, whom he wed this year.

Meanwhile, Amber filed for divorce from 27-year-old musician Wiz Khalifa, who is also the father of her one-year-old son Sebastian, this fall.


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