Thursday, December 4, 2014

Azealia Banks Takes Aim At Iggy Yet Again After Labelling Her An 'Igloo' And Suggesting She Would Like To Throw A Jar Of Urine At The Australian Rapper

As strong female rappers with similar stage names, Iggy Azalea, 24, and Azealia Banks, 23, have a lot in common.

But despite their star status and similar career paths, the duo can't seem to get along, with Banks taking aim at the Australian singer.

On Wednesday, Banks took to Twitter to publish a series of Tweets seemingly aimed at Iggy, telling her over 531,000 followers: 'stop trying to degrade and belittle our culture with this f***ing KKK Iggy s***.'

Azealia, an award winning rapper from New York City, began voicing her opinions on the social networking site, beginning by referencing Australia, the country Iggy hails from.

'It's funny to see people like igloo Australia silent when these things culture is cool, but black issues sure aren't huh?'

The songwriter continued to focus on a particular person, going as far to say that she would like to throw urine at the subject in question.

'LOL I'm petty, but it's so true, ugh, that wannabe black girl s*** makes me wanna throw a glass of p*** at at her.'

She added: 'Like, fill a jar with p*** and mayo and eggs and just dump that s*** on that b****'s head.'

Banks then brought another successful female rapper into the equation, mentioning 31-year-old hitmaker Nicki Minaj.

'The media needs to stop trying to move igloo in on what Nicki has has established.'

Mentioning Iggy's name for the first time, Banks then wrote: 'Nicki is a hard working rap beast. Stop trying to degrade and belittle our culture with this f***ing KKK Iggy s***.'

Throwing another big name into the mix, the performer dropped American rapper T.I into the online conversation, penning: 'and I dare that shoe shining c*** T.I to say something.'

T.I has been a mentor to Iggy for some time now, and the pair even feature on the track No Mediocre together.

Fancy singer Iggy delivered a subtle response to the online 'drama,' telling her nearly four million followers: 'I see all hell broke loose while I was at rehearsals today.'

She then seemed to shake off the insults by delivering some good news about her tour.

'In other news that actually relates to me: my arena tour is looking nice! Can't wait to release the dates this month!'

The Aussie songstress then accidentally announced Joe Jonas as her special guest, before realising his brother Nick Jonas was actually the guest.

'Haha wait, sorry Joe, I mean @nickjonas hahaha s***! Don't kill me!'

She continued to make light of the awkward situation, Tweeting: 'I'm dying with laughter, I knew something seemed a little off about that information.'

Banks has taken aim at Iggy before, with the feud starting when Iggy's song P**** started rising in popularity.

Unimpressed, Azealia Tweeted: 'f*** Iggy Azalea, I had a song called p**** before she ever did.'

Iggy later hit back at the rapper in an interview with Shut Your Pretty Mouth, saying: 'she says that f***ing s*** about anything'

'She called Perez Hilton a f*****t, I think she trivialised gay culture…she’s biased about everybody and everything, even towards the people who help her.'


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