Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blond Songwriter, 35, Who Had An Affair With A Married Multi-Millionaire, 55, Sues Him For Trying To Evict Her From $1.3m Luxury Manhattan Apartment 'He Bought To Impress Her'

  • Ayelet Argaman, 35, is an Israeli singer, songwriter and actress
  • Has had minor roles in Law & Order and The Sopranos
  • Argaman says real estate investor Robert Rothenberg, 55, wooed her by buying a $1.3 million Upper East Side apartment for her to live in
  • She broke up with him in June because of 'irreconcilable differences'
  • His planned suit charges he only bought the apartment and signed the deal after she duped him into thinking she would marry him
  • He also showered Argaman with $1.3 million in other gifts

An actress who has had minor roles in The Sopranos and Law & Order is suing her former lover, an older, married multimillionaire for trying to evict her from a luxury Manhattan apartment.

Ayelet Argaman, an Israeli singer, songwriter and actress, says her former boyfriend Robert Rothenberg is a vindictive 'scorned lover who has taken the break up badly,' according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The 35-year-old says the 55-year-old real estate investor began wooing her in September 2013 and they started to date.

She claims he attempted to impress her this spring by buying a $1.3 million one-bedroom apartment in Trump Palace for her to live in on the Upper East Side, reports the New York Post.

According to court papers he also furnished her with $1.3 million in other gifts, including $100,000 a month for expenses.

In April, Rothenberg signed an agreement giving her a 60 percent share of the holding company that owns the apartment, and the right to buy out his 40 percent share if their relationship did not last until May 2015.

But in June she broke up with him because of 'irreconcilable differences,' the filing says.

Following their break-up, the Harvard MBA graduate threatened to sue her, claiming New York's 'heart-balm statute' requires her to return the gifts he gave her because they were made in contemplation of marriage, her suit says.

But Argaman argues the law doe not apply in this case because Rothenberg was and still is married.

'An adulterer like Rothenberg cannot invoke an exception to the heart-balm statue — which is intended for single people actually engaged to be married — which was never the case here,' her suit says.

The New York Daily News reports that Rothenberg, contends he was used.

His planned suit claims he only bought the apartment and signed the deal after she duped him into thinking she would marry him.

It also accuses her and her parents of trying to shake him down.

Rothenberg's lawyer, Larry Hutcher, told The Post that many of the allegations in Argaman's suit are not true.

He added that his client has a temporary order of protection from Nassau County Family Court that prevents Argaman from contacting Rothenberg or his family.

Rothenberg is a 50 per cent partner and a managing member of Beachwold Residential.

His company owns more than 8,000 apartment units in New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.


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