Monday, December 1, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Fighter Who Lost Professional Boxing Match To 62-Year-Old Actor Mickey Rourke Is Sleeping Rough In A California Park And 'Was Paid To Throw The Bout'

  • Elliot Seymour has been living on the streets for roughly 18 months
  • The 29-year-old trained at the same Hollywood gym as actor Mickey Rourke
  • He lost to the actor in two rounds in a boxing match in Russia on Friday
  • But a source close to the family said that he was 'paid to lose the fight'
  • The fighter who lost a controversial boxing bout with Hollywood star Mickey 

Rourke is homeless and was ‘paid to throw the fight', MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

Elliot Seymour, the man who lost to Rourke on Friday, is a homeless drifter who trained at the same Hollywood gym Rourke and was paid to fly to Russia to make the actor 'look good’.

Seymour, who at 29 is 33 years younger than the 62-year-old actor, went down in the second round of the match. He had a shocking record of losing 9-1 of his 10 previous professional bouts.

In an exclusive interview, a source close to Seymour’s family, said: 'It was clearly a fixed fight. The whole bouncing off the ropes, hands down, punches were not landing and they were intentionally hitting each other’s gloves.

'There are people at Wild Card gym who know that Elliot’s in a really terrible situation and pretty much living on the streets, these are Mickey Rourke’s people who Elliot’s been around and known for some time.

'I’d be surprised if they didn’t know something about his situation but they have decided to put him in the ring against Mickey Rourke.

'I think it was just an ideal situation where Elliot has a title, he’s desperate and clearly his boxing career isn’t going anywhere and he’s pretty much living on the streets, so for him it’s a win because gets off the streets for a while.

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