Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bobby Shmurda Calls Radio Show From Jail Until Cops Cut Off The Line

Bobby Shmurda real name Ackquille Pollard called into “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot 97 on Thursday from the Manhattan Detention Complex aka The Tombs in New York.

During the brief phone call, the “Hot Boy” revealed that he is in court-ordered protective custody and that his GS9 affiliate Rowdy Rebel was taken into solitary confinement because he and Bobby had an altercation with another inmate.

He also denied reports that he was in possession of an arsenal of weapons.

“That shit is not true,” said Shmurda. “The cops been out for me for forever, man. They been trying to slay me for forever, but they never catch me with nothing. There might be like four, five cops that night that had grabbed me. They told me, ‘Yo, I don’t want my kid listening to your music.'”

But before he could finish, the call was abruptly cut off and he didn’t call back.

Last month, his $2 million bail package was pulled and his label Epic Records has distanced itself from the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper. 

“When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me, but they never came,” he told The New York Times.

Shmurda faces up to 25 years in prison for conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and gun possession.


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