Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fan Wearing Super Bowl Winner Vince Wilfork’s Jersey Meets Him And Doesn’t Recognize The Patriots Star

A video shot by Wilfork's wife Bianca and posted to her Instagram shows the massive NFL star leaning on a railing next to the fan in the No. 75 jersey. 

You a Patriots fan?' Vince Wilfork asks.

The fan nods.

Mrs Wilfork asks: 'You know whose jersey who have on?'

'Yeah, Vince.'

Mrs Wilfork responds: 'His. You've got his jersey on,' pointing to her massive husband.

Finally, it dawns on the fan that he's in the presence of his favorite NFL player.

Vince Wilfork & Wife                                                     Instagram
Wilfork, a 33-year-old defensive tackle, has played in four Super Bowls with the Patriots and just collected his second ring after the New England victory in Super Bowl XLIX on February 1.

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