Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Orange Is The New Black Star, Uzo Aduba, Told Her Mother She Wanted To Change Her African Name, Her Mother's Response Will Surprise You

Award winning actress Uzo Aduba sat down with Seth Meymers on his Late Night show, and told him an hilarious story of when she came home one day and told her mother who was cooking at the time, that she wanted to change her African name to Zoe because people couldn't say 'Uzoamaka' her African name, Her mother's response was impeccable, as she is her biggest fan. 

The 'Orange is the new black star' goes on to say her mother, told her to just work hard, she's never heard of nothing coming from hard work, I don't know what will come or when it will come but something will come" Ok Now, get out of my car, I have Zumba to do... EPIC 

Watch video above.

Uzoamaka, send our love to your beautiful mum. 

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