Thursday, February 12, 2015

Video From The Grammys Captures What Appears To Be Taylor Swift Demanding A Brunch Invitation To Jay Z

Though without any audio to confirm, the footage.

This all went down during the commercial break in which Taylor Swift can be seen saying something that appeared to be urgent to Jay Z.

"I really want to go to brunch," says Swift. "I really want to go brunch!" Jay Z smiles and nods. "Brunch!" says Taylor Swift. "Brunch!" Jay Z continues smiling and nodding. "BRUNCH!" she says, with a nod of the head and turned to pose for photos with Kanye West, who famously interrupted her acceptance speech for Best Female Video back in 2009 MTV VMAs.

Like Beck, Taylor Swift was guilty in Kanye's eyes of stealing a trophy destined for Beyonce.

It is not known if Jay Z and Taylor Swift met for brunch but one wonders how Bey feels about her husband having brunch with the girl who beat her for Album of the Year in 2010.

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