Wednesday, February 4, 2015

(VIDEO) TransAsia Crashes In Taiwan River In Terrifying, Deadly Accident

This is the second accident for the Taiwan-based company in less than seven months. A TransAsia plane on Wednesday crashed into the Keelung river outside of Taipei and the latest catastrophe for an Asian airline.

TransAsia Flight 235 was in the air for less than three minutes before cartwheeling through the city and down through a highway bridge. City officials said the plane lost contact nearly immediately after takeoff.

As of 2 a.m. EST on Wednesday, 12 people on board the plane were reported to be dead, and 16 others were injured. Another 30 passengers are still reported to be missing.
Flight GE 235 crashed into the Keelung River near Taipei. (Photo via Twitter.)
The plane was en route from Taipei to Kinmen and reportedly had 53 passengers, most of them tourists from mainland China, as well as five crew members.

A shocking unconfirmed video, seemingly recorded by a passing car’s dashboard-mounted camera, shows Flight 235 wheeling around mid-air before hitting a taxi, smashing through the wall of the highway bridge, and then landing in the water.

Rescuers quickly descended upon the scene, as nearly a dozen ambulances lined the river and small boats ferried emergency workers to the fuselage, where they worked to open hatches and search for survivors.

The Asian airline industry has been touched by multiple tragedies in the past year, with Malaysia Airlines suffering two catastrophes and an AirAsia plane crashing near Indonesia about one month ago.

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