Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chris Brown Responds To Fans Asking Him To Speak on Rumored Love Child

Amid this whole “Love Child” drama regarding Chris Brown, we still haven’t heard from the man of the hour himself…until now, but not to confirm of deny.

All this week, as news swirled about Breezy possibly having a secret 9-month-old daughter named Royalty and a baby mama named Nia Amey, he stayed silent, only appearing on social media to post pictures of himself on tour and his shoe collection.

Fans were heavily prodding Brown on social media, asking him to address the rumors, and he did; a fed up Chris angrily addressed fans in the comment section of his Instagram page:

“How bout yall kiss my ass. Imma post what the f*ck I want, say what I want when I want. I don’t owe you nosey muhf*ckahs a damn thing.”

Well, alrighty then. He didn’t confirm or deny, but his response says it all…

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