Monday, March 16, 2015

Damon Dash Full Interview, Says He's Done With Jay Z Questions - Calls Out Spike Lee - Slams The Working Class!

When Damon Dash stopped by The Breakfast Club on Mar. 13, the music business entrepreneur had one piece of advice for anyone who might have any questions for him about his relationship, past, present or future, with Jay Z.

"You really still curious about his Jay Z thing? Lemma ask you a question. 

Have you never asked me this question before? Don't you think everybody knows that answer. If someone asked you the same question 25 times, maybe 2500 times, do you wanna talk about the same thing? That's just human. I'm sick of talking about it. I wanna talk about something else," he said, Revolt reports. "No more Jay Z questions, I answered them."

The lengthy interview also included Dash opening up about various other topics, including his take on being a mogul. As it turns out, he doesn't see himself that way.

"I'm not a mogul, I'm a tycoon," he said. "I sell oil. You're only the boss if you put up your own money."

Below are some of the highlights:

On people who work 9-5’s not having pride in themselves: 
“You're saying because you enjoy music, or enjoy being a DJ, you enjoy having a boss. If you enjoy being a DJ why don’t you own your own radio station and then DJ for your own radio station, so your son can just get on anytime he wants? There’s no steps to it because I do it. See, you enjoy the safety and security of a job everyday. But there’s no pride in that to me. My son takes pride in the fact that I have Dash Motors and because I have that, my son said ‘I’m not going to ever have a boss.’ His mentality is different. It’s just about changing their mentality.” 

He added, 

“I think because people on the radio tell people it’s ok to have a boss. They don’t understand that they can have more. And because of the direct consumer relationship and the Internet there’s no excuse. There’s just a pride you should have in ownership. Putting your own money up and invest. 9-5’s aren’t good. But when you do something for yourself and your family, it never feels like work. I hustle for my last name, not my first. How can a man who has a boss be proud? Jobs are for lazy people that don’t want to invest in themselves.” 

On a man calling another man his “boss”: 
“You’re only a boss if you put up your own money. All these so called moguls y’all are talking about, you name one of them that put their own dough up. You’re only the boss if you put up your own money. If you don’t put up your money, you’re nothing but a supervisor, it’s not yours. There’s no money in this world that somebody can pay me for me to call them a boss. That’s like calling somebody daddy. How can a man call another man like ‘yo that’s my boss.’” 

On getting a check from Def Jam: 
“I ain’t take no money from Def Jam. What you talking about? They didn’t cut me a check! We had a formula based on performance and they calculated and we got paid. We had Roc-A-Fella, we put up our own money for Roc-A-Fella, then we sold half of it. We became partners, so that means no one gave us anything. We were 50/50 partners; we built something and sold it. That doesn’t mean you work for someone. They let you believe that. Based on a formula, they bought the rest. That’s it. That’s not nobody giving me money. I never worked for them. Me, Biggs [Kareem Burke] and Jay put up way more money into Roc-A-Fella than Def Jam. All they did was collect our money.” 

On the demise of Roc-A-Fella after Jay Z responded to Nas’ diss “Super Ugly”: 
“I wish I could have rewinded it so I could have told him not to do that. That was the beginning of the end because before that we were unstoppable, but he messed up. I was like ‘you got caught up in gossip, you don’t have to answer to gossip.’ I thought he should have just let it rock out. I didn’t think it was necessary. That’s why he did it when I wasn’t around. So that’s why we lost.” 

On calling out Spike Lee: 
“We have to stick together and I’m sick of us as a culture not sticking together. He’s doing the same thing like I’m doing. He [Spike] was like ‘ya know, Dame is arrogant.’ And he didn’t want to offer no help, he didn’t want to sit down with me and I didn’t appreciate that. I want someone to ask Spike Lee why he doesn’t want to stick together. When have I ever been arrogant with him? Why don’t we stick together?”

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