Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Former NBA All Star Steve Francis’ Nearly Got His Head Yanked Off In Violent Chain Robbery During Rap Concert Caught On Video

Former NBA All Star Steve Francis was robbed while at a hip-hop concert in Houston, Texas over the weekend.

The violent attack happened on stage during a performance by the Sauce Twinz, and it was all caught on video. 

The tape, obtained by TMZ, starts off with an altercation as someone yells, “You don’t know me.” 

A few moments later, you can see a figure sneaking up on Steve Francis and pulling his chain, bringing the baller to the ground. 

The thief can be seen pulling on the chain and kicking Steve while he’s down.

Eventually the thug got ahold of the chain and hauled ass; no police were called, and no one has come forward with information about the culprit.

Let’s hope Steve gets his chain back, or can at least buy another one.


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