Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kamal 'Chance' Givens Shares Images From "Real's" Funeral And Explains Why

Ahmad “Real” Givens was laid to rest in California last Thursday. His emotional service was attended by family and friends, including brother Kamal, aka, “Chance,” who posted quite a few pictures from the funeral on social media.

And while people understood that Chance is mourning and dealing with the loss of his brother in his own way, some still expressed their displeasure with the fact that he, as well as family friends, shared so many images from the service on Instagram. People on our original post felt that sharing pics on social media would have been the last thing on their mind during such a heartbreaking time:

“I don't get it. I guess everyone is different but the last thing on my mind would be taking pictures and posting them on facebook and instagram.”

“Nothing is private anymore. I can’t imagine grieving so bad that I hade[sic] time to do a Instagram collage of my pain. People are addicted to letting everyone know what they’re doing, thinking and feeling every minute of the day. This is not normal. This whole dang on world is desensitized.”

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Well, despite the confusion of others, Chance shared even more images on social media during the weekend from the services for Real and explained on Instagram that he shared all the images he did so that fans of his brother, as well as family and friends who couldn’t make it, would feel like they were actually present at the service:

And considering that so many of Chance’s followers thanked him and sent their condolences to the reality star on his IG account, it seems that sharing the photos was very much appreciated

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While not everyone may understand his choice to post the images, if it helps him get through this time, that’s what matters.


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