Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nerd Shocks Driving Instructors

If you were a driving instructor and had to teach a nerdy-looking girl with two pony tails, chances are you wouldn't expect much.

Well, don't be fooled. Looks can be deceiving. This girl has some serious skills.

Leona Chin is, in fact, a professional motorsports athlete.

Yep. She's a women's racing champion and pretty badass in general.

According to her Facebook page, Chin has been in the motorsport scene for seven years now, be it 12 hours endurance races, rallying or drifting.

So, a Youtube channel focusing on social experiments and pranks, decided to play a little trick on unaware driving school instructors on their first day at work. Surely, this one will be hard to forget. They asked Chin to pretend to be a student, but then show her instructors how drifting is really done.

"It's a nice car," says one of the instructors to Chin. "Is it you car?"
"No, it's my brother's," she answers without blinking.

Oh boy. If only these driving instructors knew what they are about to get themselves into.


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