Friday, March 20, 2015

Old Photo Of A Guy's Girlfriend Turns Out To Be A Big Surprise

This guy wasn't expecting to uncover a huge surprise after coming across a funny old school photo of his girlfriend. 

Reddit user Evanaka1234 posted this super cute photo he found of his girlfriend when she was just a youngster at school. We're not sure which. 

What a little cutie! 

But when he looked at the photo closer, he realised the boy sitting next to her looked familiar... 
He looked very familiar. In fact, it was like looking in the mirror... 

It was like looking in the mirror because the young blonde boy was him! 

The story behind this photo is incredible... 

The guy called his mum straight away to find out more information and she helped him figure out that he and his girlfriend actually did go to school together when they were three-years-old! But obviously they were too young to remember it. 

And where are they now? 

Well, they're young and in love! 

And still look just as cute as the original photo.

Photo: Imgur, Evanaka1234

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