Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Snoop Dogg Joins Hulk Hogan In Ring On WWE Raw Contend With AxelMania

Snoop Dogg did his thizzle on WWE Raw and let out the Snoopmania. Curtis Axel came out there while Snoop was hosting to talk some trash and let Snoop know the only mania that mattered was Axelmania. However, Snoop had some knowledge to drop on Axel.

Curtis Axel comes out to goat Snoop: “Snoopmania huh? Snoopmania? Naw Snoop Dizzle. It’s called Axelmania and it’s not an West Coast thing. It’s not a East Coast thing. It’s a worldwide thing, and I’m not gonna sit back and listen to you talk about Snoopmania when Axelmania is runnin wild in Los Angeles!! 

Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay…Axelmania is here to stay!”

Snoop responds: “Been waitin on you to show up and lemme let you know, I’m ready. Wutchu wanna talk about? Axelmania? Snoopmania? Wrestlemania? But see it’s one thing that you missin and that’s the most important mania of them all. THIS ONE!”

Snoop points outside the ring and Hulk Hogan comes out to an uproarious crowd. The announcers scream “Hulkamania!” The short video above shows when the action starts but if you want to see all the glorious WWE trash talking, check out the longer one below. 

Watch as Snoop assists Hulk in some major WWE butt kicking with all the over-the-top cornball yick yack that only wrestling can offer. 

The best part is at the end when Snoop rips off his shirt to reveal his Hulkamania sleeveless underneath. 

Snoop starts flexing to remind everybody that he’s still as scrawny as ever and not giving a damn, and of course the Hulkster's still got it.

It’s definitely worth the watch. 


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