Monday, March 16, 2015

UPDATE: Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger Caught With Another Girl In Mexico

The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver is enjoying his USC's spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico cosying up with a mystery brunette as they shared an intimate embrace, danced around together and walked arm-in-arm.

The model later took to Twitter to say the girl was a friend's girlfriend and that he would never do anything against his girlfriend; Miley Cyrus.

Things are reportedly getting serious between he and girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

But Patrick Schwarzenegger appeared to be getting a little too close for comfort with a mystery brunette as he was spotted partying in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Sunday.

The 21-year-old model danced with and appeared to even hold hands with the beauty dressed in nothing but a skimpy black bikini as they partied the day away at the Mango Deck Restaurant & Bar during spring break.

She appeared to be a friend of Patrick's from USC as she wore a headband with Kappa Kappa Gamma emblazoned on it, which is one of the sororities at the Los Angeles university he attends.

The brunette beauty was definitely comfortable with the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver as she put her arms around him while putting her face close up to his as they seemingly danced the afternoon away.

At one point, Patrick appeared to be taking a body shot off the mystery woman as he hunched over a female in a black bikini as he apparently put his lips on her skin while another man squeezed a lime on her torso.

The pair looked like they were worse for wear as they strolled along the beach arm-in-arm and even appeared to hold hands momentarily during the walk.

Not seen on the outing as he frolicked on the beach with the mystery woman was Patrick's 22-year-old girlfriend Miley.

Miley and Patrick, who have been dating for over five months, have now apparently grown so close that they're comfortable seriously talking about a future together.

The couple even shared a cosy dinner date with the 59-year-old American journalist Maria on Wednesday night as she was dressed much more sensibly than her scantily-clad stage ensembles.

The wild child is said to be trying to rein in her hard-partying ways - which she has mainly shared with Patrick in previous months - to help get Maria on side.

At first, it was rumoured that Maria did not approve of the relationship and allegedly banned her from attending the annual Kennedy Christmas party.


Patrick took to his Twitter on Monday to respond to Miley's loyal fanbase lambasting him over his close encounters with the woman with a series of tweets.

He wrote: 'Omg. It's one of my best friends girlfriend...'
Then he maintained that he would never betray someone he's in a relationship with as he tweeted: 'Would NEVER do anything against my GF.....'
Lastly, he clarified that males and females can have platonic relationships: 'Girls have guy friends and guys have friends that are girls...'

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