Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Video] Check Out 2 Chainz And Nick Young's Reaction When Asked To Cop $25,000 Air Jordans

2 Chainz and Nick Young seek out expensive shit to cop as part of GQ's ongoing "Most Expensivest Shit" video series, the duo recently visited RIF Los Angeles in search of the rarest sneakers they could find.

After checking out gems like the unreleased Air Jordan V "Easter Pack" and Nike Mag, things heat up when an employee breaks out a pair of "Undefeated" Air Jordan IVs. 'Heads already know that the army-inspired IVs is one of the rarest sneakers in existence, but even 2 Chainz and Swaggy P are taken aback at the asking price: $25,000.

2 Chainz says the only way they'd be worth 20 stacks is, "If Michael Jordan himself either wore them or he had something to do with the final finishing touches."

At the end of the day, the "UNDFTD" IVs didn't leave the shop and the rapper doled out some wise advice for anyone thinking about dropping that type of cash on sneakers: "I actually wish I had a whole 'nother thumb so I could give it three thumbs down. I would never, ever fuck my money up like that, but that's just me." Welp, there you go.


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