Saturday, April 25, 2015

Boy Records His Girlfriend Fighting With His Mum On Selfie Stick

It's very distasteful to record a street brawl on a selfie-stick while you leer into the camera in the foreground - but when the combatants are your mother and girlfriend, it's downright appalling!!

That was what one teen did, seemingly enjoying the violent confrontation behind him as his mother and girlfriend, viciously grabbed each other's faces and started trading bites.

The teenager, who begins the video by handing his mother a baseball bat as she stands on the porch of their US home shouting insults at his girlfriend, giggles throughout the film.

At one point, with her son's girlfriend's fingers wrapped around her face, the woman asks her son for help but he is too focused on smiling into the camera.

"Get this bitch off me!" his girlfriend shouts as she pins his mom against the door by her neck.

"I'm trying to! She's strong," he says, half-seriously wrapping one arm around her waist while he uses the other arm to continue capturing the moment.

The porch fight, erupts after the unidentified boy's mother accuses the girl of stealing her dog.

"Y'all took my dog, and everybody over here know it," the older woman says, wielding a baseball bat. "And then you gon' come over here and try to destroy my home?"

"I'm not scared of you bitch" she says as she goes inside her house and closes the door. "You know what? I don't wanna fight you!"

The girl then pries open the door and chucks a flower pot at her.

"Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - y'all see this?" the boy says at the end of the video.

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