Friday, April 24, 2015

Girl Rejects Guy, Then He Pretends To Be A Celebrity, Suddenly She's In Love!!!!

Firstly, girl rejects guy and says she has a boyfriend when he asked for her number!

The prankster then leaves and comes in with all the works; security/bodyguards, entourage etc...

She notices the chaos with the public running to the said celebrity taking photos and autographs;

Without knowing who the person is, she immediately runs to the crowd, getting pass his bodyguards and asked for a selfie and a kiss on the cheek, when he moves in to kiss her on the cheek, she immediately turns around and kisses him on the lips.... Nice move girl!

Youtube printscreen
The prankster then asked her to come to his hotel room, which she agreed to..... he asked again if she has a boyfriend, she says NO! While she was calling out her number, he stops her and says:

Do you remember me? I asked you a few minutes ago for your number and you said you had a boyfriend and now you don't boyfriend because I'm famous? I don't do the boyfriend thing!!!!

Oops!!! He rejected her and walks into his truck.


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