Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mariah Carey Tears Nick Cannon Apart In New Song 'Infinity'

Nick Cannon recently confessed 'never say never' to a reconciliation with ex wife Mariah Carey even after filing divorce papers.

But the 45-year-old five-time Grammy winning singer's lyrics in her new song "Infinity" slung the complete opposite message to her 34-year-old ex and she absolutely tears Nick Cannon apart, that premiered on Sunday with a lyric video on YouTube.

The pop diva Mimi clearly states:

Talkin' 'bout you're mad
Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had
There's an end to infinity.'

On his fame:
Boy you actin' so corny like Fritos
Wouldn’t have none of that without me, though

About his money:
Is it lack of ice got you so cold?
Have you ever felt this on your own?
Why you tryin' to play like you're so grown?
Everything you own boy you still owe.'

And if that wasn't enough, the lyrics to the chorus give insight to what Mimi's really trying to convey.

Close the door
Lose the key'
Leave my heart on the mat for me'
'I was yours eternally'
'There's an end to infinity.'

And Infinity has already gotten the attention from the one who inspired it.

The America's Got Talent host has promoted his former spouse's song and third compilation album on his Instagram account as of late, captioning with the hashtag 'Family First.'

This song is the equivalent of her slamming that door in his face. And dead bolting it. And putting on the chain.

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