Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yelawolf Premieres "Best Friend" Music Video Feat. Eminem

"Love Story", Yelawolf's long-awaited sophomore album dropped earlier this week. 

"Best Friend" is one track that sticks more firmly within the realm of hip-hop, which makes sense if you're going up against the always-spitting Eminem.

The Alabama MC walks through fields and a cemetery, using a lone wolf to represent his journey, while rapping about his connection with God.

He eventually meets up with his Shady Records boss in church.

As Eminem has been doing on his last couple of features, he goes well over the usually allotted 16 bars, building his flows into a chaotic double time fury by the end. 

The video finds all this going down in a church, which goes along with the religious themes brought through Yelawolf's hook.

Listen above.

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