Thursday, May 7, 2015

Diddy Beats Dr. Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Birdman To Become Forbes Magazine’s Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist

Sean “P Diddy” Combs topped Forbes Wealthiest hip hop artist with a net worth of $735 million.

Diddy sits at the helm of his empire which includes interest from other companies, thanks to a huge stake in TV network Revolt, owning a controlling stake for his clothing line Sean John, tequila DeLeon and alkaline water brand Aquahydrate.

Dr. Dre (Andre Young), who has produced albums for and overseen the careers of many rappers, including Snoop Dogg Eminem, 50 Cent, Xzibit, The Game and Kendrick Lamar, came in second with a network of $700 million.

Dr. Dre, was previously an artist and co owner of Death Row records, but his fortune came from selling his Beats brand of electronics to Apple.

Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z came in third with a net of 550 million. Most people know by now that he isn't only an artist, but a bonafide businessman.

He recently launched a music streaming service called Tidal that has experienced some setbacks a few weeks ago. His response on Twitter was; “The iTunes store wasn't built in a day.”

Fiddy came in 4th at $155 million while Bryan Birdman Williams came in 5th at $150 million.

50 Cent attained most of his wealth from the sale of Vitaminwater in 2007, while Birdman is still making money from Cash Money Records.

1. P.Diddy - $735 million
2. Dr. Dre - $700 million
3. Jay Z - $550 million
4. 50 Cent - $155 million
5. Birdman - $150 million

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