Monday, May 4, 2015

Ludacris' Vegas Pool Party Erupts Into Huge Fight

In the video above, posted by TMZ, you can see multiple folks in a massive brawl around the pool at a Ludacris -hosted pool party Sunday at Rehab in Las Vegas.

"Security did their best to break up the melee," writes Gossip Cop. "But things turned ugly very fast. At one point in the video, fists, chairs, bottles, ice buckets and more were hurled.

Even before the fight broke out a door can be seen getting knocked off the hinges." While others are screaming and some taking cell phone videos and photos during the melee.

And then there's this video of a group pummeling a guy and throwing a trash can on him. He gets up in a daze with his shirt almost completely torn off, and a woman screams for security and says they're going to kill him.

Jamie Foxx and Will Smith's son Trey were also at the party at some point -- though it appears they weren't involved or injured in the fight. Perks of VIP.

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