Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Beef: The Game Threatens Young Thug; 'I Will F**k You Up' Thugger Responds (Video)

The Game shades Young Thug during a recent show in New Orleans, in defense of his friend Lil Wayne.

“Anybody fuckin’ with Tune got a problem with me. I will fuck Young Thug up, on piru, nigga!,” said the Compton MC.

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He also dared Young Thug to come to the West Coast and diss Weezy. “I dare a pussy ni**a walk through California and say, ‘Fuck Wayne.’ I’ma do a ni**a like I did 40 Glocc. And if a ni**a want a problem, a ni**a gon’ get his ass smoked.”

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Thugger fired back to The Game on his Instagram with his own threats, while a member of his crew toted a gun.

“So you used to be a Crip now you a Blood, so I don't want no smoke with you, you got Blood and Crips on your team. And you was a male stripper once before so I don't want to fight you. I dont want no germs.” He then calls him a “pussy nigga” and claims he’s in L.A. “more than Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Watch the video below.

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Now Game has responded in an Instagram video shot in his bedroom

“I saw your video you hoe ass nigga. You paint your nails like a fuckin’ girl. You call your niggas bae and you’re a hoe ass nigga. Keep fuckin’ around and niggas are going to drive by that nail shop and light that muthafucka up.”

Lets hope they squash the beef before it gets crazy...

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