Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Police Kill Woman, Say She Shot On Them While Handcuffed In Back Of Patrol Car

Atlanta, GA — A 25-year-old Atlanta woman died from gunshot wounds Thursday after police say she fired at them from inside the back of their patrol car.

Two officers were investigating reports of a stolen car Thursday afternoon when they found Alexia Christian sitting in the missing vehicle. She was then arrested without incident and placed into the back of the police cruiser.

The chaotic scene then unfolded in the middle of the street as witnesses watched Atlanta police officers fire into one of their own patrol cars.

No officers were injured, but Christian was struck with several bullets. She was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where she later died.

The idea that a suspect would wait until she was handcuffed and arrested to use her gun is far-fetched, but not entirely impossible.

Police Spokesman Sgt. Gregory Lyon did note that male officers do not conduct comprehensive pat-downs on female subjects. However, this woman was handcuffed behind her back and the supposed gun found on the scene was a rather bulky Taurus PT 138.

Witness statements also noted that officers were involved in a shootout with another man, who was not in the vehicle.

“The gentleman was shooting at the officer, and the officer started firing back,” a witness said.

Could it be that officers mistook the location of gunfire and shot and killed a woman and then tried to cover it up?

According to WXIA, 

Police are compiling all of the witness accounts, and checking to see which downtown surveillance cameras may have picked up the conversation – if any – and collecting and analyzing all physical evidence, the ballistics, and recording the officers’ own accounts.

If recent events have shown America anything, it’s that police officers are not afraid to lie about the actual circumstances involving officer involved shootings.


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