Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Woman Caught At Funeral Home Cutting Up Face, Hair And Messing Up Makeup Of Corpse Who Once Dated Her Boyfriend

A Tulsa woman was recently arrested and charged for illegally dissecting a human body.

Police say Shayna Smith, also known as Sims, showed up at the Moore Funeral Home and cut the deceased woman’s hair, smudged her makeup, and even left lacerations on the woman’s face.

The mother of the corpse allegedly caught Smith tampering with body while in the casket and Smith quickly left after being seen.

That was when the family allegedly saw how badly the woman’s hands and face were cut and the makeup was ruined.

When they called the police, they found Smith inside the woman’s apartment after the woman’s son allowed her to come inside after she said told him she wanted to get some jewelry for the woman’s funeral.

Police say they are not clear on why the incident occurred, but they said Smith’s boyfriend dated the other woman in the past and the two women were “frenemies”.

Police also discovered the box cutter, and knife with hair still attached that Smith allegedly used on the dead victim.

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